Refinance Obama – How Will Obama’s Stimulus Help You Refinance Your Mortgage?

The 2009 Stimulus Package is meant to make the homes more affordable for the home owners. It stresses on refinancing & loan modification to avoid the foreclosures. Here are some pointers of the Obama Stimulus Package that would help you refinance your mortgage: · The loans that are owned and […]

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Home Mortgage Modification Or Refinancing at 2% With Obama’s “Making Home Affordable” Plan

Homeowners everywhere are struggling financially and President Obama is very aware of that. This is why he enacted the $75 billion “Making Home Affordable” plan which allows typical homeowners the opportunity to refinance or modify their home loan into a fixed rate 2% mortgage. With foreclosures on the rise, and […]

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What Are Low Rate Home Owner Loans?

Low rate home owner loans are loans that are available to individuals that are able to use their home as a form of collateral. These loans are often used as a way for individuals to either remodel their home in some way, or even to pay off some debts that […]

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Do Know the Exact Mechanism of Mortgage – Learn Now

Mortgage is a mechanism under which real estate is used as a security or collateral by the lender. Mortgage in itself is not loan, but it security for the loan that lender makes available to the borrower. In other words we can say mortgage acts as an evidence of debt […]

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Bad Credit Lending For Residential Mortgages

Residential lending has seen many changes over the last ten years since the end of the recession and most of the significant ones have taken place in recent times. The residential market is still very strong with good demand and not enough good quality properties in the right areas. Inflation […]

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Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System to be Released

There has been talk about the new Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) for a couple years now, and now it is finally hear. There has been a lot of speculation on how this will affect the mortgage licensing process. With 42 states now agreeing to take part, 7 states agreeing […]

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Need Cash In a Hurry? Refinance vs. Home Equity Loan

Your home doesn’t just give you shelter from the elements. It can also buffer you from financial storms, by absorbing the blow from unexpected events like illnesses and job losses. Naturally, cashing out equity from your home should be a last resort. But, when it comes time to draw on […]

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Loan Modification Vs Refinancing: What’s a Better Option?

Perhaps you’re having trouble keeping up with your bills. Or perhaps you’re way behind on your mortgage payments. One thing is certain: You want to change the terms of your current home loan, and you need help. Should you modify your mortgage, or should you simply refinance it? While both […]

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